Atom 0.205.0

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The personalizable editor for website programmers.

If you dedicate yourself to programming websites, surely at some point you have missed the possibility to edit and customize the interface editor you use for programs as you wish. But now, thanks to Atom you have at your disposal the editor you've always wanted.

Created by GitHub, Atom is a fantastic tool that stands out for being fully customizable to suit the user. But it also comes with a pre-default configuration that enables you to download and install Atom on your computer.

It has to be said that Atom is a desktop application designed to make the work of any webpage editor easier. Atom has its own native and dialog menus, and gives you full access to your file systems. This fabulous editor consists of over fifty open source packages that are integrated around a minimal core. And if you wish, you can easily replace any package and upload it to the central repository at so that others can also use it.

Atom is complemented by a file system browser, a search engine that lets you quickly find the file you need, multiple selection tools and cursors, different panels and a clean and intuitive graphical interface. If you want to see everything you can do with this fantastic web editor, you're slow to download Atom.

And the best thing of all is that you can download Atom absolutely for free! So what are you waiting for? Do it now!


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